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The Firehills Investigator – Episode 5

I return to my office in London with the feeling that this case is becoming difficult with many questions left unanswered. Why is Lemech Cain, the head of a record company, so desperate to find the members of the band Firehills? Why is he looking for them personally? None of this makes any sense.

I check my email to see that Sarah Jones from the Legal Firm Larman’s has made contact. She is keen for an update on my progress and sends me some links to some recent Firehills music videos that are on the Internet. As I view the videos I can see the band is still active but clearly not touring. This is going to make it harder to find them.

Before I reply to Sarah I think about what I have discovered. At our last meeting she would not tell me who her employer is or why they wanted to find the Firehills. I now knew this information but I wondered if I should let her know that.

I look at the videos again to see if I can gather any more clues. Most of the videos take place in warehouses or lock-ups. The video for the song ‘Bridges’ is the only one filmed in the countryside. I look closely for any landmarks that could help me find its location but this is a dead-end.

I return my thoughts to Lemech Cain. He is the only real lead I have. I need to find out what he knows. But this is dangerous. He is my client and he obviously wants to hide his identity. If I were to discover what he does know it would have to be without his knowledge.

I go back to my computer and look up Leviathan records. I discover their head office is at the Shard in London. This makes sense as it is near to the offices of Larman’s where Sarah works. I knew at once that it would be impossible to bluff my way in. Security is tight at the Shard and gaining entry would be difficult. Damn, another dead-end!

Maybe there was another way. Cain may have information at his house. This is a long shot but it’s all I can think of. I search again and get lucky. One online article tells of a recent residential purchase for Cain in the country. The house looks impressive and maybe just as difficult to get into as the Shard. I have no choice. This is the only way I can get any answers.