Welcome To The Firehills Website

Before I go any further I should tell you that no member of the band Firehills manages this website. In fact the band has no website! This is because there is a lack of information about the band except for the materials gathered here.

As a Corporate Crime Investigator, a legal firm approached me with the task that I gather as much information that I can find about the band Firehills. They told me the purpose of this is to reveal their location to their client.

'Find' you may ask. Well where are they? This is good question. In fact it is the only question. So far it has been unexplained to me why this band needs finding. Or the reasons they are missing. In fact the whole case is a mystery to me.

What you see here is photos, music and videos given to me by various clients and media sources. The rest of this media was given by anonymous persons who wish to remain nameless.

I have also included my journal which I will continue to add to as I gather more information about this mysterious band and the progress I make in trying to find them.

I have decided to share this information with the world in the hope that it may help me in finally tracking them down.

Wish me luck!

The Investigator

The Investigator’s Latest News

The Firehills Investigator – Episode 5

I return to my office in London with the feeling that this case is becoming difficult with many questions left unanswered. Why is Lemech Cain, the head of a record company, so desperate to find the members of the band Firehills? Why is he looking for them personally? None of this makes any sense. I […]

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The Firehills Investigator – Episode 4

My visit to Maidstone had left me tired and drained. The drive back to London is long so I pulled over in a nearby wood and slept in the back of the car. I found it difficult to get to sleep and my mind would not settle. Nothing about this case made any sense and […]

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The Firehills Investigator – Episode 3

I had a strange dream last night. I am dying and lying by a river bank. I am not sure if I am shot or are simply fading away due to old age. The wind creeps through the trees as I silently watch the waters of the river trickle by me. Everything then goes black. […]

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The Firehills Investigator – Episode 2

The golden glare of the sun cast its light across the streets of London. I didn’t remember the night before but I know it ended with too many drinks at a pub near London Bridge. My head feels like it’s crammed into a vice and I have forgotten to tell the operator to stop turning. […]

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The Firehills Investigator – Episode 1

It wasn’t a crunch but more of a crack! Either way it hurt like hell. Blood began to stream down my chin and slowly drip on the floor. I would like to say that this was the first time someone had punched me in the face but that would be a lie. In fact in […]

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